The maximum – All work and no play make Jack a dull boy – is definitely true and so the school enables and encourages the development of not just the academic side but also of the creative side. The youth festival is very popular in the school and most of the students are enthusiastic participants. Because of the encouragement given at the school our students earn raurels in quite a lot of competitions conducted near and far other Schools and organisations. Physical education is given a lot of importance and it is made sure that students develop mentally as well as physically.

A relaxed and cheerful mind is conducive to learning and good health. Hence , more time is allotted for Co-curricular activities such as drawing, painting, singing, yoga, sports & games ect. To develop the creativity of the child, there are science, IT, Literary, Echo club in the school. Housewise IT, Science, Maths, and Language Quiz Competitions are organized at the Assembly to bring out the best in each child.

House System

It is the House System that channelizes the discipline in school and school life with all its complex activities and directs the energies of our pupils in the classroom. There are four Houses in the school- Blue, Green, Red & Yellow.

One of the main objectives of the House System is to foster in the students a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity and at the same time en-kindle and develop the social qualities latent in every child