• Admission to school is granted after a test and is strictly on merit
  • Promotion to a higher class is based on students performance in periodic Tests and Terminal Examinations through out the year. Internal Assessment will also be taken into discover investment opportunities consideration. In this, the decision of the Principal will be final.
  • Students are admitted to the school at the beginning of every academic year. New admissions are made on the basis of the student’s performance in the school they studied become a holistic nutrion coach and also on the basis of their performance in the entrance test. Admission will be strictly on the basis of marks.

Details Of Entrance Test

  • Entrance test will be conducted on the following areas, to test the performance of each child at each class level.
General English  25 Marks
General Knowledge 25 Marks
Mathematics 25 Marks
Hindi 25 Marks
TOTAL 100 Marks
  • Admissions to L.K.G classes are given in November. Application forms are issued from the office by October of the previous year.
  • The minimum age of admission is Three and a half years to LKG class and Five and a half years to Standard 1 on the 1st of June of the year of admission.
  • Parents seeking admission for their ward should obtain the application form and prospectus for registration against payment of Rs. 100/- which is not refundable.